Saturday, June 04, 2005

Catching the Bad Guys: Stop Arm Violators

I have been recently involved with some great successes in catching drivers that run past the School Bus Stop Arms. Each year thousands of kids are killed by thoughtless drivers running past school buses.

Soon most states will be passing new legislation that will increase fines for offenders identified by mobile surveillance cameras installed on school buses.

Honeywell has the best equipment for catching stop arm violators. Their new system called the Digital Chaperone DDR provides external camera images and is triggered by the Stop Arm on the bus. While recording the bus driver yells out the vehicle license number and it is recorded on the system microphone. That information coupled with video description of vehicle, license plate, time and date make it irrefutable for issuing fines. Law enforcement are more readily accepting these recorded images to allow them to issue fines and tickets.

Some jurisdictions and states are currently looking at utilizing fines from Stop Arm violations towards purchasing more safety equipment for school buses including Stop Arm video systems.

Here's some links to information about Stop Arm Camera systems...