Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Verint Announces Nextiva Transit - New Networked Video Security Solution for the Mass Transit Industry

New announcement from Verint shows company's product positioning for converged and real-time distribution of security intelligence from networked video infrastructure to first responders and security personell. Generally speaking the security industry is responding to mass transit's emerging requirements for filtering through mass amounts of video and security information. As one CEO stated to me...."I have 8000 cameras...what I need is software that will help me focus our attention and resources to respond immediately".

Many manufacturers have been working on security information convergence for fixed security assets. General Electric's Facility Commander, GVI's Mass Transit Intelligent Video System and Honeywell's Digital Video Manager are examples of new technologies where video, access and intrusion are networked together on one monitoring console. These and many other organizations are seeking to also combine information with mobile security assets such has video recorders and other telematics components. Few have rolled out a complete solution.

Of particular note is Verint's association with DRI (Digital Recorders Inc). On first appearance this alliance seems like a strategic sales intiative considering DRI's strong market relationship with the transit industry for their current spectrum of products. However, recent announcements from DRI would indicate that they are about to unveil new transportation security related products at the APTA conference this month and previous information releases would suggest that DRI is seeking to combine their technologies with Verint to provide an onboard and offboard synergy aligning GPS, AVL and AVM with video technology to create an 'actionable' ITS (Intelligent Transportation System). That coupled with Verint's Nextiva system would provide a converged security intelligence solution for the mass transit industry.

Let's see what's unveiled at APTA. Stay tuned.