Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Metro Transit Steps Up Bus Security

Source: Pioneer Press

Article Last Updated: 05/03/2007 11:49:42 PM CDT

Metro Transit announced a $2.4 million plan to increase security Thursday in the wake of two killings and other recent violence aboard buses. The agency says transit crime fell last year and is down again this year, but it acknowledged a fatal shooting in downtown St. Paul last month and a beating death in Minneapolis in March have unnerved riders.

Highlights of the security plan:

Officers: Transit police officers will ride buses 1,500 hours a month, up from 270 hours a month last year.

Stops: There will be more coordination with municipal police to patrol bus stops.

Cameras: Nearly 250 buses will get upgraded digital cameras that produce clearer video and record continuously.

Partnerships: The agency will work with groups such as Mad Dads, which puts volunteers on buses to improve civility and etiquette.