Saturday, January 03, 2009

Video Shows School Bus Driver Threatening Kids


AMBRIDGE, PA (NBC) - A school bus driver in Ambridge, Pennsylvania is on probation after a security camera captures him putting school children onboard his bus in harm's way.

The video shows about 25 elementary school children riding the bus on November 19.

Then an eleven-year-old boy changes seats.

You can hear the driver, 68 year old William McCartney saying, "One more time. I'm gonna knock you down. I mean I'll knock you down".

After another loud warning McCartney hits the brakes hard and some kids go flying.

Then McCartney puts the bus into park and walks back to confront the child saying, "come here boy. Tell me that again. Say it again".

You see another child grab the student and pull him back into his seat.

According to police the child called the McCartney a name.

They said no child was seriously injured in the incident.

Tuesday in court McCartney accepted a sentence of two years probation and has been prohibited from driving a school bus for the school system.