Saturday, January 16, 2010

Danville Mass Transit - (Bus Surveillance) "...a Wise Idea".

DANVILLE — A specific incident hasn’t prompted security cameras in city buses, but more will be installed this summer as a precautionary measure.

Danville Mass Transit installed four cameras, three in front and one in back, in two buses last summer as more bus routes extended into the evening hours.

“We thought it was a wise idea since (the buses are operating) later in the evening,” DMT Director Dick Brazda said. “They’re working well. We want to put them on the rest of the buses.”

“It’s something being done nationwide,” Brazda said about the cameras. “We hadn’t had a significant incident on the buses.”

The video streams can be useful in a variety of cases, such as if there are accidents or if there is a complaint about a driver. Then it’s not just “he said, she said.” DMT officials then can look at the video and hear the conversation, Brazda said.

He said they only review the video as needed, playing it back on a computer. Officials have reviewed the video a handful of times so far.