Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bus Crash Caught on Camera

A scary situation was caught on camera when an Oshkosh city bus collided with a garbage truck Monday afternoon.

Authorities say the crash happened around 1:30 at the intersection of Porter Avenue and Dove Street.

They say a Veolia Environmental Services truck flipped on its side after traveling through a yield sign and getting hit by the front of the bus which had eight people on-board.

Every city bus in Oshkosh is equipped with four cameras. In the blink of an eye, people who are sitting in their chairs, holding on to poles, are sprawled on the floor between the seats.

A man in a front seat clings to his daughter as they're both sent sailing over a rail and towards the shattered windshield. The man lands on his back with his head towards the steps.

"Probably the only person who had a seat belt was the driver," a witness identified as Quin said. "Some of them had blisters on their hands that opened up from holding the pole and being jerked so hard."

The cameras have been in place for almost three-and-a-half years, and in situations like this they've proven to be almost invaluable.

"There's lots of reasons we use the cameras. People just want to, it helps us reconstruct things that happen on the bus," David Vickman of the Oshkosh Transit System said.

In this case, city transit leaders were able to review the video just after the crash to verify what witnesses said.

"I just know what the driver told me, and he said he was on route and had just picked up a passenger and was coming to the intersection at Dove, and a garbage truck had pulled out in front of him," Wickman said.

The driver of the garbage truck was taken to the hospital. We're told his injuries aren't life-threatening. Oshkosh police cited him for failure to yield.

All the passengers on the bus were treated at the scene.