Thursday, August 12, 2010

Directory of Driver Risk Management Camera Systems

    With increased incidents of distracted driver related incidents and overall concerns regarding transportation quality of service the use of windshield mounted surveillance cameras has increased. These devices are primarily used to observe and record drivers skills and have field of view forward through windshield and another camera facing backward to observe the driver. Years ago, the initial provider of these devices had been DriveCam but new providers have emerged with different offerings and technology. Some of these producted have gravitated and been productized for specific vehicle markets including Taxi, School Bus and Para Transit. There has also been recorded use of these devices for first response vehicles like EMT and Fire and Cash-In-Transit vehicles. Transportation directors primarily consider the use of these cameras because of the following reasons: - Quality of Service Issues - Driver Risk Management and Training - Traffic Incident Reporting - Route Management - Distracted Driving (IE: Texting) - Procedure compliance (IE: restraints) - Green Initiatives - Backseat Passenger Recording

    Here's the updated directory of current camera systems.