Monday, April 11, 2011

Board to Hire Bus Camera Man

MURFREESBORO — Rutherford County Schools Director Harry Gill Jr. says the creation of a position designed to monitor the upkeep of cameras on school buses will save the system money in the long run.

The county Board of Education has approved plans to fund the new position, which would pay around $15 an hour. The goal is to hire someone to monitor the bus cameras and school security systems as soon as possible.

The annual salary for a 40-hour work week would be around $31,200. Gill said the system has spent around $22,000 for camera repairs since they were installed two years ago.

"I'm sure a big part of that was labor and some of it was parts. We'll definitely save some money, but this person would be working on more than bus cameras," he said.

The position was requested after the camera on bus 184 malfunctioned and failed to capture the assault of two Blackman High students by a fellow bus rider.