Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New vehicle CCTV, Mobile DVR and Efficiency System for Waste Industry

(openPR) - A revolutionary new vehicle efficiency system, incorporating vehicle CCTV, mobile DVR and vehicle weighing, will change the face of the waste industry, claims vehicle safety company Vision Techniques.

The waste industry is set for a technology revolution, following the creation of a radical new system designed to eliminate hundreds of headaches facing councils and waste management companies today.

Designers claim it is ‘the ultimate waste collection solution’, incorporating vehicle CCTV, mobile DVR and other efficiency systems, making waste vehicles significantly more efficient, secure and safe.

According to industry experts, the new innovation, simply known as the ‘OWL’ (Optimised Waste Logistics), will save councils and waste companies a huge amount of money as well as protecting staff and maximising resources.

OWL is the result of three organisations, with different expertise, working together to enhance the efficiency of waste vehicles – vehicle safety specialist Vision Techniques, in partnership with major companies CMS SupaTrak and Vehicle Weighing Solutions.

“OWL is everything you need to make waste vehicles 100% efficient,” says industry expert Andrew Kelly of Vision Techniques.

“It is, quite literally, the ultimate waste collection solution – certainly not your average vehicle safety or management system.

“It monitors driver behaviour, weighs the waste in the vehicles, provides onboard vehicle CCTV and mobile DVR recording and manages your vehicle for optimum efficiency.

“This, in turn, saves fuel, reduces false claims, reduces repair costs and protects front line staff.”

OWL brings together VT ‘Live’ vehicle CCTV and mobile DVR, Fleet ‘Telematics’, and Onboard Weighing into one simple back office user interface.

Using its integrated live 360° vehicle CCTV and mobile DVR recording system, called VT ‘Live’, OWL streams live video footage from vehicle-mounted cameras to any location using its remote connectivity.

Designers say this will eradicate fraudulent claims while protecting staff members, assets and the public.

Andrew Kelly said: “As well as increasing vehicle and crew safety, VT 'Live', eliminates false and fraudulent claims made against companies and provides efficiency savings whilst developing the capacity of the front line staff.

“Not only will OWL eliminate false and fraudulent claims made against companies, using its vehicle CCTV and mobile DVR cameras, it also provides efficiency savings and develops drivers and vehicle operators.

”OWL’s vehicle management system monitors and manages driver behaviour. It educates drivers to demonstrate more efficient driving styles so that waste vehicles can maximise the miles per gallon achieved and, ultimately, reduce fuel costs and carbon emissions.

Using its innovative vehicle weighing technology, OWL prevents vehicles from overloading.

“The vehicle weighing technology eliminates the possibility of potential fines, increased fuel usage, increased stopping distances and vehicle damage,” said Andrew.

“And OWL’s vehicle management system will save fuel, increase operational efficiency and reduce maintenance and service costs by checking for vehicle damage and educating drivers.”

The creation of ‘OWL’ is part of a more general campaign the companies have undertaken to improve efficiency and safety in the waste management sector.

The multiple companies working together as one unit has resulted in the production of what they call ‘the very best vehicle safety and money saving solution.

’Andrew said: “Everything a waste management organisation needs to optimise resources and increase safety is incorporated in OWL – including Live, instant access vehicle CCTV and mobile DVR, dynamic bin weighing, job tracking and fuel saving technology.

“Vision Techniques, CMS SupaTrak, and Vehicle Weighing Solutions have created a fully integrated waste collection solution.

”As individual organizations, the companies supply stand-alone solutions too and support the waste management sector.

Vision Techniques is at the forefront of vehicle safety, offering a comprehensive range of products.

Vision Techniques’ safety solutions are designed to reduce the risk of collisions and maximize efficiency - and are suitable for all commercial vehicles and industry types.

CMS SupaTrak provides cost effective vehicle tracking, driver behavior and fuel monitoring solutions, which are easy to install and scaleable to any size of organization.

Vehicle Weighing Solutions is part of Applied Weighing, the UK's leading manufacturer and supplier of process weighing systems and Applied Traffic experts in traffic monitoring systems and weigh in motion.