Sunday, November 06, 2005

Almeda County Cracking Down on Transit Vandalism

AC Transit officials, Alameda County Sheriff Charles Plummer and District Attorney Tom Orloff today announced an aggressive and high-profile campaign to crack down on vandalism on buses.
Speaking at a news conference at a bus stop next to Oakland City Hall, Alameda-Contra Costa Transit General Manager Rich Fernandez said the campaign is being launched today because Halloween traditionally is the day on which the transit agency's buses suffer the most graffiti and vandalism.
Bus vandalism, including sliced seats, badly marred windows, broken hand rails and unsightly graffiti, creates fear and a perception of danger for riders, Fernandez said.
AC Transit is forced to spend a minimum of $2 million per year on repairs and replacement parts alone and loses additional revenue due to potential riders who are turned off or scared by the graffiti, he said (more)