Thursday, November 03, 2005

Do You Know Where Your School Buses Are?

IC Corporation, North America's largest school bus manufacturer, is the first school bus manufacturer to offer factory-installed GPS tracking in its school buses. The announcement was made at the National Association for Pupil Transportation Conference in Austin, Texas. IC Corporation will be integrating the tracking components into its 2006 school bus models. Telematics, the remote tracking of vehicles, provides real-time information on the location and performance of vehicles. IC Corporation's parent company has developed a telematics solution called International Aware Vehicle Intelligence that is fully integrated with the electronics components of the company's buses so all of the important functions can be remotely monitored. Monitoring can range from keeping track of the location of a bus at all times to tracking how often the flashing red warning lights are activated. Designated officials can visit a password-protected Web site to get information about the school bus fleet. (more)