Saturday, April 22, 2006

New Digital Video Management Tool for Transit

Triangle -- Integrian, Inc. a leading global provider of mobile digital video solutions for the transit industry, today announced the launch of its iView data management platform. Integrian's TransitCam product captures on-board incidents, protecting transit organizations against crime, vandalism and frivolous lawsuits. iView provides the means to view, analyze and export captured video clips or snapshots for use as forensic evidence.The software also enables live remote event supervision and management from the Transit Authority office. Users can view video data, zoom real-time, and easily switch between multiple camera views.


RTA Security Camera Captures Argument, Stabbing On Tape


Police in Akron have arrested a man wanted in connection with an RTA trolley stabbing.

Darrell Livingston, 45, was arrested just before 5 p.m. Wednesday on Rhodes Avenue. Livingston was wanted by Cleveland police not only for Monday's stabbing, but also for another felonious assault, NewsChannel5 reported.

Police said Livingston has done jail time in Florida and has several Cleveland addresses, but none of them is real.


Bus Cameras Making a Comeback for Rider Safety

Maybe this time it will work. Earlier this year Madison’s Common Council authorized a resolution to put cameras in 15 city buses. This was in response to reports of unruly behavior and violence on some bus routes. In at least one case, a driver was attacked by a passenger. There will be four cameras in each of the 15 buses. The buses equipped with cameras will be rotated on various routes as needs are identified by drivers and by passengers.This is not the first time the focus is on cameras as a solution to bad behavior on and around buses. About 15 years ago cameras were installed on eight city buses. At that time attention was on school buses. Middle and high school students were required to show a student ID in order to qualify for the student bus rate. Putting in cameras was an attempt to prevent non-students from riding school bus routes and causing trouble.