Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Public Safety DVR Solution Launches in Australia

Research Triangle Park, NC - Integrian, Inc. a leading provider of advanced mobile surveillance solutions is pleased to announce the launch of its DigitalPatroller® DP-2 system in Australia. Some 100 Traffic Management Units in Bendigo, Victoria are being equipped with DigitalPatroller systems with plans for additional installations in the future. Victoria Police Minister Bob Cameron said the systems will provide an unbiased and accurate representation of events for court evidence or criminal offences. "Regional communities will be the first to benefit from this new technology, which will help police combat road trauma and fight crime,"

Victoria Police purchased the DigitalPatrollers through a State contract, following an extensive two-year evaluation process. The systems were required to comply with Australia Design Rules legislation governing safe in-vehicle installations, as well as with ISO9001 specifications. Victoria Police also wanted a system capable of "indexing", which allows the driver to align the camera in a certain direction without taking his eyes off the road.

"Integrian's mobile CCTV systems have been installed in thousands of police cars in the US. We are pleased that the Victoria Police has selected the DigitalPatroller for their next-generation police cars" said Matt Mikula, Integrian's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Operations. "This project introduces the DigitalPatroller system to Australia and other markets outside the US and demonstrates the worldwide appeal of our solution."
Assistant Commissioner for Traffic at Victoia Police Noel Ashby added "It's great technology that supports the collection of evidence and the presentation of evidence to the court. The collection of evidence is completely contemporaneous. It shows a court, a presiding magistrate, or a jury in certain circumstances, exactly what happened. There's no ambiguity about it. There's no room for differing interpretations, so the collection of evidence is very clear. It's the best evidence we can put before the court."