Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wireless Mobile Video Surveillance for MBTA

Firetide, Inc.and Safety Vision, L.P. have entered into a strategic alliance to provide wireless surveillance and security applications for mass transit, law enforcement, and student transportation sectors. The partnership combines Safety Vision's 15-years of experience in onboard surveillance with Firetide's high-speed wireless mesh networks and delivers what the companies describe as the industry's first mobile-to-mobile video solution to be used for public transportation safety.

"The alliance between Firetide and Safety Vision provides an unprecedented mobile wireless surveillance solution that has widespread applications in the transportation sector, both public and commercial," said Bo Larsson, CEO, Firetide. "Safety Vision has a proven and impressive track record deploying mobile video, and the addition of reliable wireless connectivity in a mobile environment provides Safety Vision's customers with yet more life-saving capabilities."

The integrated wireless surveillance system is being implemented by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), the fifth busiest transit system in the U.S., transporting nearly 1.2 million passengers daily. The $1.4 million project, partially funded by a Department of Homeland Security grant, calls for installation of onboard surveillance systems on 155 new buses. The combined Safety Vision and Firetide solution enables transmission of live video feeds to laptops in MBTA police officers' networked vehicles, allowing first responders to view an onboard incident as it unfolds, in real time. Consequently, responders can plan and execute tactics faster and smarter --enhancing the safety and security of passengers, officers, and transit personnel alike.

"Not only is Firetide a leader in wireless mesh technology, the company became a trusted business partner as Safety Vision's strategy evolved to meet the changing demands of the mobile video surveillance market," said Bruce Smith, president, Safety Vision. "The Firetide-Safety Vision partnership enables revolutionary solutions for mobile-to-mobile as well as mobile-to-fixed video streaming, where it was previously impossible, unreliable, or cost prohibitive."

Firetide provides the wireless video network portion of the project, operating in the 4.9 GHz spectrum, which is designated by the FCC for public safety and provides interference-free, secure connectivity for first responders. In addition to supplying onboard, mobile-rated cameras and video recorders, Safety Vision provides an intuitive video management application, which is easy to navigate, delivers smooth high-resolution live video, and works seamlessly with the Firetide mesh network. The system increases operator safety, enhances public security, mitigates transit authorities' risk, and strengthens criminal prosecutors' cases.