Tuesday, November 20, 2007

DriveCam Releases Analytics

DriveCam Inc. announced that it has released RiskPredict, a new analytical process that eliminates irrelevant data and optimizes the duration and length of captured events. By focusing only on the riskiest driving behaviors, RiskPredict improves the user experience and reduces both time and cost for managing the program.

RiskPredict optimizes how DriveCam prevents risky driving behavior. By eliminating unnecessary (low or zero risk) events and identifying patterns of behavior, it helps enterprises make more accurate decisions about risky driving in their fleet. RiskPredict focuses on the captured events that are the highest predictors of risky driving behavior optimized to highlight the root cause and help forecast future events.

In addition to eliminating unnecessary events, RiskPredict optimizes the duration and length of captured events. Using rigorous statistical analysis and advanced analytical techniques, DriveCam scientists tested more than one million risky driving events to determine the optimum amount of time needed is 12 seconds to consistently identify risky patterns of behavior.