Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cameras to Watch Jersey Shore School Buses

The Jersey Shore Area School Board on Monday agreed to buy a security camera system for its fleet of 28 buses and not to exceed the state index for raising real estate taxes when it prepares its budget for the next school year.
The board also voted to buy transportation software to help increase the efficiency of its bus routes and schedules.
Board members approved a three-camera, four-channel security camera system with global positioning systems and virtual system mapping capabilities, to be purchased from Wolfington Body Co., New Buffalo, for $51,109.
The security measure is due to cost $1,825 per bus, a figure that will be shared between the district and its bus company, according to Superintendent Richard J. Emery.
In a presentation to the board on the camera system during a Jan. 12 work session, technology director Bruce Boncal said the installation would provide 100-percent interior coverage.
Cameras will be mounted at the front, back and above the driver's station facing the entrance.
Boncal also said the virtual system mapping will record a bus's direction of travel, speed and time at any given point.
While no specific date for installation is determined, Emery said it will be done as soon as possible.