Thursday, February 04, 2010

Prague Transport Authority to Use IP Bus Cameras

Axis Communications(1), the global leader in the network videomarket(2), announced today that over the next six years several hundred AXIS209FD-R(3) network cameras will be installed in new public transport buses inPrague. The IP cameras will be part of a system for monitoring each vehicle'sinterior, improving passenger security and providing evidence to help solveincidents of vandalism and other crimes.
Over the next six years, the SOR Libchavy bus manufacturerwill supply the Prague Transport Authority (DPHMP) with a total of 620 busesfor municipal transport. The new buses will have a modern design and meetstrict environmental criteria. Each bus will also be equipped with an IPsurveillance camera system(4) for monitoring its interior featuring the AXIS209FD-R network camera.
The AXIS 209FD-R network camera is a palm-sized, discrete,rugged network camera(5) designed specifically for the tough environmentsfound in mass transit vehicles. Its durable transparent cover providesexcellent protection against dust, humidity and vibrations. The smallbuilt-in heater eliminates condensation on the lens or cover. The cameras aredesigned for easy installation and can withstand the tough and changingconditions in buses.
The Axis camera's progressive scan technology(6) provides fullresolution images of moving objects with no distortion, thus ensuring goodquality evidence to help solve incidents of vandalism and other crimes. Allrecorded video has a resolution of up to 640×480 pixels, which is more thanthe 2CIF typically offered by analog systems. The AXIS 209FD-R networkcameras also feature specific intelligent capabilities(7) such as the activetampering alarm(8), which sends a warning sound when it detects that a vandalis attempting to move, block or cover it in spray-paint.
"The AXIS 209FD-R is designed for deployment in buses so ithas been specifically designed to prevent or reduce crime, graffiti andvandalism, which are the key requirements in this environment. In case of anaccident or crime, it also provides useful high-quality video evidence tosupport and accelerate the investigation process," says Edwin Roobol,Regional Manager NL, DACH and CEE.
100 AXIS 209FD-R cameras have been installed in the Praguebuses since November 2009. The whole project will be finished in 2014 andwill incorporate several hundred Axis IP cameras(9).