Friday, May 21, 2010

Directory of In-Car Police Video Surveillance Cameras Systems

Police In-Car Video Surveillance Systems have become standard equipment for law enforcement agencies all over the land. Video systems have evolved from tape based ruggedized VCR (Video Cassette Recorders) to solid state and hard disk based recording systems complete with numerous enhancements that include advanced capabilities for wireless video data transfers and live video sharing. Frost & Sullivan 2009 Report states that Police Car Video is one of the leading growth markets for mobile video surveillance due to flow of funds into this sector. In December, 2008 the IACP (International Association of Police Chiefs) prepared a comprehensive list of requirements for in-car police video systems.

Developments in this line of public safety equipment will include increased vehicle-side integration to other police car sub systems and sensors. These developments will include LPR (License Plate Recognition), Thermal Imaging, officer-worn system peripherals, high-definition cameras, and GPS, radio, dispatch and reporting enhancements. On the back-end increased capability for network-based video evidence management, annotation, distribution and integration with common records management systems. Below is a list of all the manufacturers of Police Car Camera systems currently serving North America. (updated April 7, 2011)

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